petals for tasi

responsibly sourced, ethically made in america

my petals

a special occasions collection

baby tasi

rompers to revel in

The Time collection

twirl in tulle

The new collection

of the classic tasi dresses

Reimagined historically iconic dresses. Revitalized with contemporary casual design

gift wrapping

Send your gift in a box with a traditional wrap

Petals & Sunye Min
the time collection
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handmade speciality hair pieces

my petals & hair

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so hop these days

bunny pouches

Cuteness and convenience for kids. Perfect for lunch boxes, snacks, precious trinkets, and toys on the go. Easy to tie into bunny ears, and easy for even the tiniest hands to hold.

Customize with a name, initials, or short phrase in sparkly calligraphy!

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adoption stories

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