Navy Dad Deployed

My husband was somewhere in the middle of the ocean, on a US Navy ship, during a six month deployment. Sometimes internet access would drop and I didn’t know when I would hear from him again. But I told him. I met a little girl. She needs a family. Let’s adopt her. And that was that. 

A few weeks later we learned that the Ship would be porting in Singapore for a week. So I packed our bags, and her bags, and to Singapore we went. I was so nervous. What if she doesn’t connect with him? What if my son gets jealous? What if my husband can’t do it? We were in the hotel room, just waiting for him to come. He walked in. Amadeus, our biological son, ran into his arms. Pause. Then Anastasia followed. The three of them just stood in silence, hugging, bonding on another level which I can’t even begin to explain. Each of them had tears in their eyes. Each of them for different reasons. I did too. We were home.

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