~*11.2 • WHY? • Unlike pregnancy announcements, adoption announcements can come with a lot of questions instead of a congratulations. This especially held true with Luca bc he was our first child. Of course we had many people congratulate us but we also had a slew of other reactions such as: ‘Oh really?’ to ‘Can you not have kids?’ to ‘Is everything okay?’ and once we would say ‘This is happy news!’...then the congratulations would come to play. What we thought was a happy announcement soon became tiresome to talk about at times. In my heart, I knew the concerns meant well but it just wasn’t the right time. Why did we have to justify our decision to adopt? What if we couldn’t have kids? Is wanting to go the adopting route any different than wanting to go the IVF route? I didn’t want to address the elephant in the room bc I actually wanted people to think whatever they wanted but for this post, I decided I’ll put it out there today: Yes, as far as we know...we are able to have biological children. Adoption is a choice. Whether you can or cannot bear children biologically, it is a decision that is made and not forced. No one has to adopt. So when you hear someone announcing their happy news of adopting in the future, please choose to congratulate them first because it is a happy occasion to be celebrated. Questions can always come later, but they probably shouldn’t be the first things a family hears with such big news. After all, one wouldn’t ask ‘Why?’ to a biological pregnancy announcement right? Well...maybe? Just kidding🤪

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