our story


“Petals for Tasi” emerged from a passion project inspired by meeting and adopting a young child, whom we’ve named, “Anastasia”. Providing love, security, and family, we took to naturally. But we also sought ways to engender in Tasi a sense of comfort, familiarity, and belongingness, which can be challenging after significant life changes.  

Aimee, the owner and creative designer, sought to not only clothe her new young child but to create clothes for her—clothes designed to reflect Tasi’s birth-country’s traditional dress, yet revitalized by, and expressive of, the contemporary fashion endemic to her, now, new home. We share these pieces, made from the careful hands and attentive love of a mother, with you. And we hope your own little ones find the sense of being dressed-up-in-love too.

For each product line, we commit 5% of sales to support organizations representative of various global humanitarian initiatives, such as orphanages, children's rights, and women's equality.

~The Petals for Tasi family